Portuguese Passport

Jet International Travels & Tours provides complete assistance in processing your Portuguese Nationality/Portuguese Passport process in Lisbon, Portugal. We have our legal representative in Lisbon to submit, execute and conclude your process for acquiring Portuguese Nationality/Portuguese passport before the Conservatoria dos RegistosCentrais/Conservatoria do Registo Civil. We assist in translating and authenticating all your documents required in the process.

The Portuguese Nationality process has to start with an individual whose birth is registered in Goa. After the birth and marriage of this individual is registered/transcribed at the Conservatoria dos RegistosCentrais /Conservatoria do Registo Civil in Lisbon, Portugal, his /her descendants are eligible to apply for Portuguese Nationality/Portuguese Passport.

For assistance in acquiring Portuguese Nationality, kindly fill in your details and submit the same to us and we shall assist you accordingly.

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